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Rantau Panjang, A must go place for shoppaholic..

Date - 09 Feb 2010
Location - Zon Bebas Cukai Rantau panjang
Weather - Sunny
Camera - Sony alpha 300, 55-200mm
Mission - take everything i want

1. This bird...again?? (in front of my house)

2. Rantau Panjang

3. Tonnes of Food with very friendly makcik

4. Tudung, Jersey, name it...

5. Beautiful isn't it?

Accidents happen all the time...

I was on my way back to home from buying breakfast when suddenly i saw this accident.
It was just happened at the "Jalan Pasar Malam", in front of SK Kubang Kerian. Although the accident looks nasty, luckily both of the driver survives with some minor injury....what a day...
(shot however was taken by my nokia n90, not bad for a handphone camera isn't it?)

Photos from Aussie

Dengan keindahan alam yang maksima, you don't even need SLR camera, ordinary digital camera will do (photos taken by my brother). Here are the images that I like the most...

Fairuz and rifqi, this might be our next destination...

Location - Wat Machimaram and others located in tumpat
Time - 09:00 - 12:00
Mission - something nice

1) Through the window

2) Ship?

3) Nice building

4) Bird...

Photo lama-lama

Location - Pantai Cahaya Bulan
Time - 07:00 - 08:30
Camera - Sony alpha-300. lenses 50-200mm, 18-70 mm
Mission - lighting, shutter speed

1) Beach

2) The Rising Sun

3) Slower shutter speed 5"

Location - Kampung Gong Manok, Kuala Besut
Time - 17:00 - 18:00
Mission - lighting, sun glare, anything nice

1) BBQ arang

2) Bajak?
3) Sun glare

4) Ladang

Digital Camera
Price - RM9.00, S$ 6.50 including GST
Rating - 5/5 star

Comment - suitable for both beginner and professional photographer. With the price of just RM9.00, you'll get tonnes of great stuff include ideas, lesson, new and latest gadgets etc. You can even enter contest provided; HOTSHOTS, OUT THERE Challenge and Your best 50mm shot.

I know it is hard to find this magazine especially here in Kelantan. The only place i can find is Popular Bookstore at KB mall. So, I'll provide the subscription form as well as back issues form if you like...

First of All

A Walk To Remember

Hole In Hole

Light Reflex